1. BrattyPrincessSophie

    The Best of Both Worlds

    I'm not particularly a fan of breathable cloth-like disposables and given the choice I would go for the best plastic disposable over the best breathable disposable. I have opened my mind some to cloth-like diapers and would wear any recommended good ones probably with some PUL pants over them...
  2. I

    Diaper Concept Review - Tena Slip Plus, Cotton-Feel Backed

    I wanted to write this review as I have been looking for something like the Tena Slip cotton-feel backed diaper for a while now and I just got my hands on some today. This is more of a review of the concept of cotton backed diapers in the ABDL space than an actual review. It is quite...
  3. S

    I need help finding a breathable diaper.

    Hiya. I'm autistic and as such, I deal with habituation issues. I am too sensitive to my bladder at night and my senses will prevent me from sleeping even if my bladder is pretty much empty sometimes. Getting out of bed many times a night to use the restroom when I don't actually have to go just...