1. Pokogirl

    The Cons of Wearing 24/7 Finally Hit Me

    We are moving to a new house. I didn't want my parents to find out while moving my stuff. So, I used up all of my diapers. Got rid of all the evidence. That includes the diaper packets I've been collecting, my plastic pants, waterproof bedsheet,garbage bags etc. But it looks like I might have...
  2. SimCo

    Back in diapers after a long hiatus

    In the past few years, I fell on some hard times due to a mood disorder that prevented me from being able to work full time. As a result I had to sell my house and not only start sharing a house with other people, but also having to share a bedroom with another person. I really missed my privacy...
  3. Sitherus

    Christmas Plans

    What do you have planned for Christmas this year "2012"? "Me, I've got plans to go to New York." I will be heading there on the 13th and will be staying there till the ball drops. Ill be staying there with family and be enjoying my time there." How bout any of you?
  4. P

    Breaking/Losing Things?

    Are there things that you tend to break/lose more than other things? For it's umbrellas, headphones, socks, those are what I can think of at the moment...For umbrellas, I tend to break them a lot...So don't trust me with your umbrella for an extended period of time (for a short while, it's...