1. Sockzz

    What's the best diaper??

    I was thinking of taking all the most popular answers and then throwing them into a poll :3
  2. Crinklebuttt

    Which do you think?

    My doctor gets my diapers through I normally get abena M4. Can some of you look through the brands they carry and tell me if there is another brand that might be better? They have molicare which i know are as good as abena but i prefer abena. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  3. H

    Best diapers for heavy use?

    Hello, I'm new to both this forum and the world of adult diapers. I've worn a bit in the past, but only occasionally due to my proximity to housemates or relatives. I am about to start a career in long haul trucking because it was a childhood dream of mine, but as I thought more and more about...
  4. Karoshen

    Generically Diapered

    Hey whats up babes and fashion entrepreneurs i'm new here and just wanted to say hi and open with a poll. What is your favorite generics disposable diaper and why. Mine are CVS overnight briefs. there comfortable hold together and are the right price..( i don't work for cvs) Thanks all.
  5. M

    Hiya new to this and enjoying it ^^

    well i just joined the site so far i like what i see i've been padding for awhile now and been a babyfur for a bit to but still kinda new to wearing diapers so any tips is very cool, also looking for some nice diapers ones that can hold allot pretty much a one a day diaper if ya get what i mean ^^
  6. ultrapampers

    Brands in Mexico? Pañales en México!

    I'm travelling to Mexico soon. Do any of you know of brands available there that aren't available here in the US? Thank you!
  7. captainpollution

    Specific diapers for specific occasions

    :detective3 So I'm curious, are there folks out there who reserve specific diapers (brands) for special/specific occasions and won't wear them casually? For myself, I prefer to wear Tena Classic, Tena Classic Plus or Attends Breathable for casual times, such as sleeping, riding my bike, in...
  8. Nieve

    Diapers in south america and customizing diapers

    Just started exploring ABDL, so I talked with my partner about this and was very supportive, didn't freak out or anything and we tried buying some adult diapers (tena) to see what happened. It turned out to be great, still, the tena isn't really my thing, I like childish ones more, so I...
  9. I

    Best Private Labels

    Has anyone had good luck with any "Private Label" diapers from a health care company?
  10. Z

    buying diapers in Belgium - Flanders

    Hello, I use Tena or Euron (thuiszorgwinkel). I would like to try other brands. Where do the sell in belgium the next brands (not online but a shop): - Abri-Form Extra Plus, Medium - MoliCare Super Plus, Medium - Attends Slip Regular Plus Special Care ,medium - Kolibri Comslip Special, Medium...