1. ben10hnt

    Which diaper brand is this?

    I saw a lot of pictures of people wearing this kind of diapers. Does anyone know which brand is this?
  2. Sitherus

    found real adult pampers

    I was browsing ebay and found real pampers branded adult diapers. 2 questions can anyone tell what diaper the tape has been applied to? and how long until he is sued? I want to buy but i'm broke right now. Here is the link Hoping you guys...
  3. InTheOtherWorld0412

    A Diaper Brand

    When I was looking on tumblr, I saw some lovely and cute designs of hearts and purple circles and peace logos on a feminine nappy on a photo. I wish to buy these in the UK, where about and what is the brand? Source link:-...
  4. T

    What was your first stash?

    We all started somewhere, and some of us started with little to nothing, or a lot to work with, what was your start like? Personally my first stash was (if I remember correctly) some generic brand (most likely depends) disposables.
  5. Z

    Need to find new diaper brand

    I have been wearing Wings Choice Plus for a few years, they are not the best ever, but for my budget, and not feeling right in a diaper that's not good old fashioned plastic backed, they worked alright for me, wearing mostly at night. I guess Kendall changed them, not more plastic backed I...
  6. tiny

    How brand specific are ABs vs. DLs...?

    I was just listening to a podcast from Pampered Penny (sorry, it's on an 18+ site so I can't link to it) in which she said that, perhaps surprisingly, DLs seem to be less-specific over their choice of diaper brand/type than ABs. She suggested (and I've paraphrased this a lot) that this might be...
  7. hihipuppy


    Alright. now due to my current life and location, diapers in real life just cant happen right now. however when i am able to buy my own without feeling insecure and trying to hide or explain them... i would like a brand that is comfy, and childish x3 (just like me!) i am not concerned about...
  8. S


    Scarab Body Arts - Syracuse, NY- (Scarab Body Arts - Syracuse, NY) Scarification if anyone has had this done this let me know this is a method of body modification i have seen and been intrested in for years any input is appriciated thanks :D
  9. P

    What is one brand that you would NEVER recommend?

    Now I haven't had that much experience with too many brands of diapers, so I don't really have one that I wouldn't recommend...But what brand would you never recommend...Let's try to limit it to just one brand per person, that is unless you end up testing out a worse brand than the one you said...
  10. P

    Brands (Ones you want, and ones you've tried)

    I'm not going to make a poll, since there are so many options...But...Which brands of diapers do you want to try, and which have you tried/like or tried/hated, etc... I've only tried 3 brands (Secure Plus, Abri, and Depends)...I would recommend Secure plus Oh yeah...Ones I want to...