1. LilDavid

    Finished Zander's Shower in the Summer Shine

    Eight year old Alexander “Zander” Howard is sitting on the wooden bench swing on the back deck of his parent’s house, under the lacquered wooden trellis covered in vines that partly shade him from the warm summer sunshine. He’s wearing a Moana themed sun hat with Maui on the front to keep the...
  2. D


    I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but I'm looking for people to play Minecraft on PC and talk about diapers and just have fun. Anyone interested? Let me know! Thanks!
  3. GoodnitesFan97

    New Goodnites Designs rumor

    I looked up the Google images and i saw an image of Goodnites and the company might make a new size XS, and new Iron Man graphics, would you think of new designs on XS, S-M, and L-XL for 2017? Here's the new package. My predictions for 2017 designs: XS: Boy- Spider Man Girl- Elena of Avalor...
  4. D

    New To This

    Hey im David ! 27 years old im with my girlfriend since 4 years now ... and im not sure if i like diaper or im just to shy to buy one to try it :/ i dont know if its the kind of thing we can talk in a Relationship either... someone got tip for me on how to try it, stuff to try and if i should...
  5. S

    I could really use some advice about this, all of this

    Alright, I'm a straight cis male. I'm only 22. Ever since I was around six, I had this strong desire to be humiliated in diapers and dresses. I loved being a sissy baby. The humiliation is what I crave and desire. Remember that Tom and Jerry episode where Tom was forced into diapers? That got...
  6. HunterGreen2

    Hi, mature, life long, diapered sleep wetter, adult baby and now adult boy.

    I am retired and single. Only a few friends know I need to wear diapers to bed and I also use a pacifier and wear a onesie. I think it would be nice to get to know how others deal with the whole thing and problems to avoid. I have learned that I need to be responsible for as much of the work...
  7. NatetheDragon

    Onesies: Does anyone have a custom-made onesie?

    Hey, NatetheDragon here! I'm looking to have a onesie custom made! Where's the best place to get one? I'm looking for something preferably under $100 and of fairly high quality. If you want to see what I have in mind, I threw together a reference for what I want it to look like: Also, do any...
  8. LittleKittyBoy

    Hiya~ I hope I can fit in here

    I'm not a baby, but rather a kid. But a quick look and I think I might still be welcome. :catsmile: Nice to meet you! I'm an artist and writer, and have a lot of creative interests in general. Which I am delving into more recently. I started getting really into doing digital drawings forward...
  9. S

    Leaping or Flopping

    So I decided to try Ballet.......scared as heck and my first class is on Sun......could use support or advice.
  10. P

    Baby Boy for Halloween costume?

    Myself & friends have yearly Halloween parties, and there's always a theme to the costumes. This year we're going with most risky costume. I decided to possibly go with being a baby, but once I got everything and tried it on I'm wondering if it gives off the 'risky' look or just a WTH look. XD...
  11. S

    Hi everyone

    Howdy, Well were to begin......well I got tattoos and piercings, a fan of the Mohawk and love me some video games. But in depth well I am a Navy Veteran, sail a bit around the world and traveled on my around to. I can be shy, but open up real quick. In bit of a pickle and hope to get some...
  12. LilDavid

    Finished Zander's Beach Day

    Zander's Beach Day It was a warm sunny day on the Gulf Coast of Florida as the sunlight filtered through a the window of the TV room. On the floor fast asleep on a changing pad covered with a baby blue light woollen blanket laid a young boy no more than 3 and a half years old. This was his Aunt...
  13. S


    I am new to the Adult Baby scene, but am a proud mommy to an AB boy named Sam. I came to this site to gain more insight into what to do, and also how it makes him feel. I look forward to learning and growing with this site and with my AB! Any suggestions or tips would be WELL received. Love...
  14. LittleDavy

    Baby boy and girl regression hypnosis files

    Hi there, I'm a bit of a fan of adult baby hypnosis, I've purchased tracks and had live sessions with a hypnotist. My favourite tracks to buy have come from and they've been very effective. I happen to know the lady hypnotist who made those, and she has given me permission to...
  15. TexasToddler

    Hello :)

    Hello hello! Just found this website, finally some other TB/DL's to talk to :) lol funny, Im actually wearing a wet Pampers right now, makes my day :) ANYWAYS, im in Texas, the Fort Worth area to be exact, totally single guy looking for a girlfriend who shares my interest in diapers who wants...
  16. B

    DL's boys or girls?

    I would like to know if its mostly boys or girls who love wearing diapers. its been something ive always wondered. if you could let us know if your a boy or girl and what you think. Many thanks :-)
  17. B

    Hello from NZ

    Hey I'm a 17 year old baby boy from NZ I'm into to everything baby :)
  18. Wazzle

    Male or Female! New Poll Version!

    So I was looking through this thread and it seemed like there are actually a lot of girls on ADISC. Curiosity is getting the best of me and I just had to start a Poll. So here ya go, a completely optional, informative, not creepy poll...
  19. L

    was up

    What do plp think of this site
  20. D

    This may be a new idea for heavy wetters (males).

    I had an illness with fever and was given a medication which gave me diarrhea at first. (This is not about the diarrhea, though.) Because of the diarrhea, I wore a Prevail brand light pull-up type diaper to bed as a precaution. Either the illness or the medication made me wet the bed big time...