1. S

    How to make a diaper

    Looked at other threads and didn't quite find the answer I was looking for. I currently can't get diapers :sad:. I usually make them with tape,towels and toilet paper but I am out of tape with no money. Can I make a diaper with this things? Towel Toilet paper String Garbage bags Boxers
  2. BabyMitchy

    Assurance Boxers Incontinence Product Review

    Hey guys! Like everything I do, this is a clean video review of the assurance brand incontinence boxers. In a nutshell: 1. Absorbs far better than expected. 2. Feels very loosey goosey, absorbent material hangs loose away from the body unless you pull them real high on your waist...(And they...
  3. B

    Underwear inside diaper

    Hey Everyone, So I'm sitting here watching SNL, padded for the first time in pretty long. I was thinking to change this up tonight I would wear tiddie-whiteies or boxers under my diaper to hopefully give me a more wet sensation. What are your thoughts? Have any of you tried it, and if so, how...
  4. turtleie

    GN Boxers (I know there's other threads about this... read it anyways!)

    I found some old threads comparing the goodnites briefs and the boxers, but nobody has really said anything about the boxers, its all about the briefs. So, has anyone tried them, and if so, if you can fit into the briefs with a bit of a stretch, can you fit into the boxers? Im going on a diaper...