1. L

    Engoloids Medical Shipping Question

    So I was wondering if anyone had ever ordered any First Quality diapers through Engoloids Medical. I just bought a pack from them, but I'm starting to get nervous as I live with roommates and I can't seem to find anywhere on their site or elsewhere whether or not their shipping is discreet. Does...
  2. nites

    New AB/DL Inspired Subscription Box!

    Hi Everyone! I'm excited to announce a new business designed for the AB/DL community! Crinkle Crate is a brand new business catering specifically to the AB/DL community. Each month a "themed" box of 4-7 hand curated items will be shipped directly to your door. Items that might be in the box...
  3. SuperRaiUniverse

    Nursery Music?

    I'm having a hard time finding some good nursery-type music for those times I just want to relax and be babyish, maybe fall asleep to. What I'd really like is music that sounds like it's from a music box, like this: Music Box- Silent night - YouTube Does anyone know where I can get a lot of...
  4. Jossilyn

    Juice Boxes

    I don't know about ya'll but I LOVE juice boxes. Well I love juice period but the box just makes it so much nicer in my opinion. Does any one know where I can get 8oz or larger juice boxes? The largest ones I could find that were actually in a box were the Apple & Eve and those are only...