1. ronnieM

    Today on: What Were They Thinking???

    Yes, it sounds cute in theory. A stuffie that holds your bottle, similar to the idea of having a stuffie attached to a paci. But the implementation... How did this make it through the design phase and into production? I don't like being harsh for no reason and especially when it's a product...
  2. W

    Wakes in a puddle

    Hi my name on here is wakesinapuddle, I’m an older AB/DL, a little more AB than DL. I love my diapers and enjoy waking up soaked. I was a bed wetter till 16 and can wet in my sleep whenever I’m wearing, sort of a gift I guess! I wear my diapers most nights and I’m never let down when I wake. I...
  3. C

    Bottles, Paci's, and abdl clothes.

    So recently I bought a 2 pack of abdl bibs and a 3 pack of abdl pacifiers from littleforbig. I immediately fell in love with these paci's because they actually fit to my mouth instead of a baby pacifier. If you have read my previous threads I also purchased pampers size 7 and my first onesie. I...
  4. ORBaby

    New Housemate

    Let's start with background. There is a young woman that I've known for almost 4 years that I help out on a pretty regular basis. BTW she is younger than my daughters. A year ago she was going to move out of state to live with a friend, but that fell apart at the last minute, her stuff was...
  5. L


    Hi, I recently bought a baby bottle but using it doesn't feel quite right, I much prefer my sippy cup. I really crave drinking from a bottle especially at night when I feel really vulnerable. Do you have any advice on good ways to hold it or lie to make it feel more natural?
  6. C

    More baby stuff

    I'm trying to get some more baby stuff but i ran out of ideas of stuff to get. As of now I have plenty of diapers, a bottle, formula, pacifiers, and the diapering essentials such as wipes and powder. I was wanting to get more, perhaps an abdl onesie. I've seen that amazon sells abdl onesies but...
  7. C

    Considering getting onesies

    So I was considering buying some onesies to wear but I don't know where to start I want something babyish that fits well but I don't know who carries what so that's a problem. Another problem would be that I live with my father and he doesn't know that i'm an ABDL. Another thing to add is...
  8. K

    Wine served in baby bottles.

    Hi guys and gals not sure if anyone knew this but you might be interested to know that there is a bar in Paris called Le Refuge des Fondus that serves wine in baby bottles. Check it out pretty cool.
  9. A

    Baby Bottles - What style do you like?

    As an AB I really do enjoy a baby bottle, the soothing, calming effect that comes from nursing on a nipple and suckling back some milk, juice or even formula. What I really do find amazing is that babies are so good at nursing from these things. Those nipples are SLOW and the amount of sucking...
  10. hihipuppy

    A new babyfur ^-^

    Hello there! the names Mathew, Though naughtywolfy is what i use as a username almost everywhere x3. i am indeed a babyfur, i love diapers but im embarassed to let my parents or anyone else know (you probably had this problem too x3) im an isolated pup.. which means ill do most of my socializing...
  11. Pramrider

    What To Do, What To Do....

    My wife and daughter are going to visit her folks for a week in southern VA starting this Sunday. That leaves me opportunities to do some regression I normally can't do. My son will still be here and is between jobs right now, but he likes to sleep in until late morning. I only get this chance...