1. lilbabyjooce

    Paci/Bottle Care

    Hi y’all! I’ve mentioned a few times on here that I have OCD. One of the hardest parts of having OCD and being an ABDL is the hygiene aspect—I am constantly worrying about germs and diaper rash and if I smell and how long I stay in a diaper etc etc (though for the most part germs are a way...
  2. KrankyPants

    Do you prefer sippies or babas?

    Hello, fellow rompers! I like sippy cups, but I hear more about bottles from my friends. 🤔 I'm curious of your preferred container. Do you like the way it feels from a baba or sippy? 😛
  3. A

    Rules created by Mommy and I.

    So I thought I would share the rules mommy and I made. Hopefully this may inspire other littles. I have a very supportive mommy. Im lucky i guess. We took some prexisting and changed them and also made dome of out own. Let us know what you think. Rules for my little: *Diapers are to be worn...
  4. BabyKai

    A brilliant invention for sippy cups (and for people who need to hide their ABDL side)

    I've been using these sippy cup lids for a while now and I've just realised that they could really be useful for those who have to hide their ABDL side. These silicon sippy cup lids fit onto any cup and work with hot drinks, fizzy drinks, milk and soft drinks. They're super easy to clean and...
  5. CryBaby

    Going to Get My First Bottle!!! 🍼🍼🍼

    I'm planning to order my first bottle next week and I'm so excited!! I don't know if I should get stainless steel or glass or try one of each? What do you guys think? I'm so excited 😊😊😊
  6. Paxe

    Toilets, potties and pans - do you enjoy toileting in places other than your nappy?

    I was always fascinated by nappies, but before I got into wearing them in my early teens I enjoyed using toilets and potties and generally doing wees and poos in fun and novel ways. Wearing and using nappies developed from that, soon to become my overall favourite way of relieving myself, with...
  7. Jeepy

    Drinking a bottle

    Lately I've noticed I've been drinking my bottle almost every night even if I'm not wearing and I find it relaxing after working all day/night. Does anyone else find themselves doing this?
  8. P

    My Tom & Jerry Inspired Baby Halloween Costume Review? :)
  9. mewte

    Bottle Adapters

    Hello! :) I'm new here, I just joined not to long ago. I've been meaning to for a while now. Aside from that, i'm in a bit of a dilemma and I'd like some help! :sweatdrop: For a while now, i've been searching for bottle adapters. I live with grandparents and I have social anxiety, so its very...
  10. Frostlittlebird

    Bottle feeding tips

    I recently purchased a NUK baby bottle for my SO, with a 6+ month nipple (as I cannot afford the adult size from NUK right now). I would like to be able to feed my SO with it, but I'm also not entirely sure on what to use or what positions would be best. So far we've tried chocolate milk (at...
  11. itslittled

    Sterilizing and cleaning a baby bottle ?

    So, I've just bought a bottle for myself :o but before using it for the first time, I want to know how to properly sterilize it and how to clean it afterwards :confused: Before I used my pacifier, I placed it in boiling water for a couple of minutes, I guess it should work for baby bottles, but...
  12. babypapa

    babypapa's introduction

    hi my dear babies, mamas, daddys, :) at first let me say that i'm happy to be here, new in this community. i'm martin, here as Babypapa. :) i'M a switcher, so i am half a daddy and half a baby. In reality i studyed musics and work as musics teacher. My favorites as well in daddy as also in...
  13. AmberBulb95

    A good bottle?

    I've tried using bottles in the past and again recently, I really like them but I can't find a teat that feels comfortable, which is understandable because they are only made for infants who can't eat solid food. Does anyone know where I can buy some really comfortable, cherry latex teats...
  14. SpAzpieSweeTot

    Aba's gonna let us make an AB Bottle. I want 32 oz. microwaveable & squeezable. Tips?

    It's gonna be a Nalgene, I think. The one I want is microwaveable and squeezable. We shall put a ComoTomo nipple on it. Finding the right components might be hard, though. The little ringy thingy that screws the nipple part onto the bottle is 3" wide in ComoTomo bottles. Good news is, you can...
  15. K

    Wine served in baby bottles.

    Hi guys and gals not sure if anyone knew this but you might be interested to know that there is a bar in Paris called Le Refuge des Fondus that serves wine in baby bottles. Check it out pretty cool.
  16. Ringo5

    What do you like to drink in your bottles?

    Post what you like to drink from your ba-bas here! :D
  17. T

    yay im excited

    so i talked to my hubby and he said that maybe tonight i can get my first bobo (pacifier) and a bottle :) my first ones since opening up about my interest :) im so excited i really hope i can get them tonight :) when did you get your first ones ? what color were they ? ill try to post pics...
  18. C

    Baby formula

    Yesterday while I was changing my diaper I got thirsty but the milk was expired and there was no soda for me to drink out of my sippy cup so I realized that I can get baby formula but I don't know how it tastes I would like an honest opinion so that I don't waste my money on something that I...
  19. Ringo5

    Don't have a baby bottle? No problem!

    Hey guys! I recently discovered an awesome way to make baby bottles. What you do is take a used water bottle, poke a tiny hole on the top of it with a fork or something along the lines of it, and then fill it up with milk! It's super easy. It helps me calm down and relax, and even soothes me to...
  20. Babica

    Adult sized baby bottle

    Hey, I did a bit of modding with an adult water bottle, and now I have a leak proof and perfect sized bottle! Yay! Message me if you want me to help you make or get one.