1. EmoCowMoo

    Bored as hell with this

    I've been into this lifestyle for 12 years now and I've finally come to a point where I'm completely bored with it. When I 1st was bored with this, I started buying clothes/paci/bottle/etc and that helped some. Now, it's like I wear just to wear and use them just to use them, and it kinda...
  2. ilovedaddy

    so bored lately

    anyone just so bored lately? i got friends i can hang with and im always with my fiancée and i don't know! im just so bored..... its like blah!
  3. Shadowhawk

    Home Sick

    Being home sick has its good and bad. The good is that i have plenty of time to check the fourms here :biggrin: . The bad is no one is here to actualy talk :wallbash: Any ideas you guys have to kill some time when your sick?