booster pads

  1. O

    Is there a reason ABDL companies don't make good booster pads?

    I've been trying out many different booster pads since the really good ones were discontinues many years ago (old Abri-let Maxi, AO Vorlage and Azipads - if you didn't try any of these, you don't know what good booster is). Unfortunately all of the current available ones are really...
  2. PaddedLittleParadise

    LivDry Boosters?

    Hey, has anyone here tried out the LivDry boosters that are available from TYE Medical? They seem too good to be true, at least if you’re looking for super-thick, super-absorbent boosters to add absorbency, thickness, “waddle”, etc. I know they’re meant for use with LivDry diapers, but after...
  3. S

    Toilet Paper as DIY Booster Pad

    Can you use toilet paper as a DIY Booster Pad? I'm using huggies drynites 8-15 and cant get better or get booster pads. So, can you? Also, are there better DIY options for Booster PAds?
  4. AngelKitten

    Tranquility Booster Pads...

    Hi. I've been using a combination of a variety of adult diapers, bladder control pads, and male guards, to manage my heavy urinary incontinence, since last year. So far, despite my best efforts, I still have issues where I leak out the side panels and/or leg cuffs. Has anyone used, or is using...