1. subhubby1968

    Books and Reading

    Just wondering, what book have you read lately that just knocked your socks off?
  2. psychonautalis

    Book Review!? Post your AB books here !

    Hello Little and Big Friends, Just recently bought a book in the mail to help my partner understand my baby side. We purchased "There's still a baby in my bed!" By Rosalie Bent. Have any of you had the chance to read and share this book with your partners? Even if you haven't shared it with...
  3. jayjoy

    Hi all! Just trying to find my place in the universe

    Hello ADISC members and future friends! I'm new here, so sorry if I'm posting my introduction in the wrong section. I'm young, yet somehow technologically challenged. Y'all can call me Jay. I'm currently in my last full-time semester in undergrad, pursuing a degree in music. I'm here because...
  4. S

    Books Being Cynical about Books?

    I've noticed pretty much EVERYTIME a book is mentioned in a book, it's in an extremely positive light (I know, who would've guessed!). Whether or not one likes this, I think it can become a little repetitive. Does anyone know any books that are cynical or negative about books? I feel it would be...
  5. Poofybutt

    Age Regression in Literature

    Couldn't really think of where to post this, but the Off-Topic section seemed about right, so here goes. Does anyone know of any examples of Age Regression in literature, mainstream or otherwise? I'm not talking about stories written strictly for the AB crowd, just books that use age...
  6. Z

    Resource list

    ABDL Community Directory Table of Contents Educational Resources Media Spokespersons Events Forums Vloggers First Person Perspective Friends & Partners Foreign Language Podcasters Authors . Educational resources Understanding Infantilism ADISC Infantilism Commentary on the AB/DL Gender...
  7. kik91

    Books + Diapers Giveaway! (Ends 05/10/17)

    Hello everybody. In celebration of the release of my book "Where the Lost Boys meet", I'm going to be hosting a small giveaway here at ADISC. Thanks to Moo for permitting me to do this! So, all you have to do is reply to this post and I'll assign you a number. Then I'll randomly pick a number...
  8. kik91

    Of Deviant Hearts: A Novella

    Hi everybody!! So, I'll just leave this here in case if you're interested. It's a novella about coming of age during high school. This was supposed to be a short film but we had budget cuts. But now it is a novella that you can all enjoy!! Of Deviant Hearts: A Novella Synopsis: "A journal, a...
  9. MagicMeow

    Can anyone suggest any educational ABDL relationship books?

    Can anyone suggest any educational ABDL relationship books?, Looking to order from amazon. I know that there are some highly recommended books, however I just cant seem to find them. =( Thank you in Advance!
  10. BayB8

    Any good books to learn about ABDL lifestyle?

    Hey guys, I was reading some posts yesterday and came across people talking about the book "there is a baby in my bed" by Rosalie bent, but from what I've read, people think its biased or they don't think it's that good. Is it worth reading and or is there any other good books that help people...
  11. H

    "Hello" from Chicago

    Greetings, everyone! I could write you a long introduction that tells the story of when I first wore, and that I hid them for years and was petrified some snoop would out me. That I've wasted too much money buying and throwing away and feeling ashamed. But we all know this, and I'd rather tell...
  12. Scaramouche

    International Book Week

    Let's see where this goes. Could be interesting given the wide variety of books we all read: It's International Book Week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52 and post the 5th sentence below. Don't mention the title. Mine: Many people these days are making a living but...
  13. Foley

    Audiobooks and memories

    So, When i was younger i have very fond and distinct memories of my mother reading to my older brother and i. I don't know how she managed to do this but i remember vividly at the age of 4-5 hearing the hobbit, the red badge of courage, and lots of other books that were probably well beyond...
  14. C

    New Account, And a New Me!

    Previous to trying to change my password, I was known as somethingdifferent. Then, I got to lazy to recover my account and created a new. I believe that for me this is a good thing, as many things have changed for me since creating my original account as it did not portray me correctly, so...
  15. sparkywuff

    drawing books

    so i recently changed around my fursona, not going to go into major details but it involves the ability to transform into a dragon. i need to find step by step books on how to draw anthro dragons any links?
  16. mizzycub

    Favourite Opening and Closing lines

    What are your favourite opening and closing lines to books you have read, and why? Needless to say, this thread will contain spoliers. Read at your own risk! My favourite opening line is this: It is such a simple line, so simple that you don't pick up on just how strange it is until you have...