1. kik91

    The Epitome of Love Released! COVER! BONUS CONTENT! HERE!

    Mods, please forgive me for so many posts on the same thing haha. This is the final post, I swear!! So... FINALLY GUYS! The book is being released!! Amazon KDP is probably reviewing the files and should have a final release in the next two days tops!! I am going to set the paperback price as...
  2. kik91

    The Epitome of Love: An ABDL Novella (Free Ebook for you!)

    Hi guys. So, as you probably read on my other post, I am releasing my ABDL Novella under a penname soon. The interior file designed by an editorialist is ready, all that's in progress is the cover artwork. Should be done in a week or two maybe, my artist is a bit busy. But... I am releasing...
  3. kik91

    Of Infantile Habits - Embracing the Fact that You Like Diapers

    So, after thinking a little, I've realized that I love ADISC. I've always come back here to seek support and be happy of being myself. That's what I've decided to post my book here, little by little, so you can ALL help me hone it before I release it to the world! I think that since the majority...