1. Sitherus

    why cant i find a onesie

    If I can buy a T-Shirt for 5 dollars or less made of cotton Or a night gown/dress cotton for 13 and less then why is it so hard to find a onesie for less than 40 dollars. Also whats wrong with clothing distributors. If your tall your fat.If your skinny your small. Im 6'6" and skinny 200 lbs I...
  2. tiny

    How do you like your onesies? With/without arms/legs...?

    Every so often I notice people mentioning "onesies", and I have a few from Abena (they call them "bodystockings"). Anyway, I don't know if there is a standard design, but the Abena ones are available with or without arms & legs. (See here: Bodystocking) Since I'm in the mood for a poll, I...
  3. W

    White onesie/bodystocking/support garment

    Hi all, I need a white onesie that I can wear under my clothes to work (so that it'd look like an undershirt if it were visible through my shirt). I had an abena bodystocking, but found the positioning of the snaps rubbed my legs raw. I have a onesie with the snaps higher on the front rather...