1. LimeBloodedNoir

    A question for the girls!!! (tw blood)

    I am a biological girl, but I am not incontinence. What on earth do you guys do on your period??? Do you have on a pad or tampon underneath? How long does it take to clean up all that blood and stool??? Does it clog up sap with blood, making the diaper not work as well??? Id love to know more...
  2. JessycaNekoGirl

    Giving blood in diapers.

    So I'm not sure if this goes here but it was my best bet. So I'm gonna give blood on Monday (my third time, I'm type O-) so I was wondering if A) has anyone ever given blood while padded? B) what type at you? C) how many times have you given? (also if someone wants to moves this I don't...
  3. B

    Wetting diapers with some unexpected effects

    Today I was wearing diapers for the first time in many days/weeks (don't remember actually). Put it on around nine in the evening, had three "accidents" (sort of speak). When I took it off 4 hours later, I had some spots on my penis that was bleeding... some blood in the diaper, a lot on the...