1. F

    What are your fav ABDL/DDLG/CGL YouTube channels/Blogs/Instas etc?

    I know there's been a few posts somewhat like this in the past but the most recent is almost a year old and I'm not sure the creators in them are still active and only seemed to include YT. Whats your fav abdl/cgl media sources? I'd love to read more blogs and watch more vids, especially from...
  2. C

    Suggestion Privacy settings for blogs

    I have just started writing a blog here, and am really enjoying the blogging process. However, although it is great to have a place where I can be open and honest about my AB side, I don't feel able to be completely open & honest about my real-life size, for fear of writing something too...
  3. mizzycub

    Questions Over Blog System?

    Considering recently I have been posting more frequently too it, and it is difficult for people to know that I have posted to what is a private blog without me advertising it, I was considering setting my blog to being open to registered members so that it appeared in the list of blogs at the...