1. R

    Hi from Italy

    Hello everyone, my name is Dave (Davide in italian). I'm 35 years old. I'm abdl since longtime. I always liked diapers since my childhood and i started wearing them at 12-13 years old. I enjoy wearing my diapers. I still wet my bed often and during the night i must wear them. My ab side involves...
  2. Roverthesissybabyfur

    Plushies and blankies

    Ok so i have a baby blanket somewhere in my house, and i have plushies too, but i want some different plushies any suggestions?
  3. SpAzpieSweeTot

    Being AB ain't cheap.

    I don't have any AB stuff yet, & I haven't worn in over a year, because I don't wanna sin to get them. Last time I wore, I took them. I'm absolutely sure my mom & stepdad know.:eek!: Mom thinks I'm cuckoo bananas,:heiscrazy: & wasn't shy about telling my sister she thought so. My stepdad...
  4. AstroDL

    I need help in understanding my babyish habit.(My Blankie)

    When I was a toddler my grandmother gave me my first blankie. Since then I have developed the habit of rubbing the edges of the blankie between my fingers. I tried to understand why this was happening, focusing more on how it makes me feel comfortable. Along with that, there's an accompanying...
  5. D


    Hi there, 35 year old female, mother and wife. I love hiking, photography, travel, writing, collecting books, and everything involving the beach. I am a lifetime thumb-sucker, who regresses to the age of 3-6. I am interested in pacifiers and looking forward to getting my first soon. I have...