1. turtleie

    Awake for 48 hours and counting....

    Okay, so this is in the off-topic section for a reason. Anyways, currently here in the great state of California, it is 1:30 Am, Tuesday Morning. I have been awake since 11:00 pm Saturday night. On Saturday I decided I wanted to see what really happens when a person doesn't sleep. Also, I kinda...
  2. turtleie

    What to excpect?

    Okay, so I've been a bedwetter as long as I can remeber. I stopped around 13 but it cam back about a year ago, and I'm 16 now. I am going to the doctor soon for it, and I was just wondering what I should expect. Its a regular doctor, not a urologist or anything like that. Anybody else have any...
  3. turtleie

    My much needed second introduction!

    Hello ADISC! Most people probably recognize me, and if you don't :bleh: Anyways, my old laptop broke, so i haven't been on ADISC in ages, but, I finally got a new comp and I'm back, so I thought it would be appropriate to say Hi to the world again! lol.
  4. turtleie

    Choking Under Pressure

    Or does it seem that when you are really good at something, but when you need that skill to come out the most, you almost always end up choking, making it look like you've never done it before in your life? lol just curious. :eek:
  5. turtleie

    Question for all of the DLs out there...

    This one is for DLs Is it just me, or does it seem that after you're done with you diaper, and 'releasing all of your sexual urges' :sweatdrop: that you just feel weird and like you have no need to ever wear a diaper again? But then after like 5 mins, it all comes back, kinda like a cycle. Just...