1. PlasticPant

    Tykables PLeather Diapers

    I really like the Tykable PLeather diaper - it's well-made, absorbant, fits well, and it's plastic-backed. The black with yellow stripe is a great idea. They're quite expensive to get in the UK, as it means ordering them from ABDLFactory in the Netherlands, and the shipping isn't cheap. I...
  2. itsacurlyone

    Littles-downunder - Australia - Fabine, Crinklz and Rearz

    Just for information, for those that have been awaiting the arrival of Fabine diapers back to Australia, the long awaited Black nappy has now arrived, together with the Fabine Teddy diaper. The Teddy design is the original design that they started with several years ago. Both of these have a...
  3. Reachplayer94


    So I know a lot of people here play Pokemon (Myself included) so i was wondering several things: Will you buy Black or White or both? What was your favorite Gen.? Favorite Pokemon? And anything else you want to contribute, basically a general pokemon discussion
  4. A

    Emo Style? (no offence inteded)

    Does anyone here like the dark colored clothing and way they dress? My friend gave me a pair of his gloves and I have to admit, I do like them, and I also prefer wearing black shirt and shoes, along with dark colored jeans, but I care a lot about things.. (environment, people, school, etc.) Can...