1. M

    Bouncing Baby Boy!

    Hey, I finally remembered this site and decided to introduce myself. I'm a 19 year old trans little boy from Ohio in the US. I'm polyamourous and [Removed By Eulogy (We're not a personals site)]. Please note that I did say "Another". Meaning I already have one, but we need another to complete...
  2. L

    Hi everybody, Im LeeBaby

    I'm bisexual, transgendered, been on hormones .. grew my own tits etc, only ever wear ladies underwear usually but recently I found three brand new packs of Tena Lady Discreet Pants in our communal bin so I grabbed one and tried a pair on. I'm now addicted to Lady's Incontinence pants and don't...
  3. W

    isle of wight united kingdom

    Hi every one :) I'm a diaper lover living on the isle of wight, feeling very isolated in my addiction and would love chat with other diaper lovers in portsmouth southampton and esspecially the isle of wight.
  4. P

    Introducing myself

    Hello, I'm James and have read many of the forums on this site so decided to join so I can speak with people that feel the same way. My main love about being a baby is sucking a pacifier, it makes me sleepy and I feel young again. I also sleep with a diaper and quite often wake up wet because...
  5. D

    Daddy in Albany,NY

    Hi [removed] I use them for what they are 4 wet and or messy I also have to use them as Im incontinent (wet) [removed]
  6. G

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello to everyone here. I'm so glad to have found this site! I don't feel so alone anymore. Here's some info about me: I'm 15 years old. I absolutely love diapers. I've been wearing them for about 2-3 years now. I'm bisexual. And I'm always looking for new friends! I'm a nice person and...
  7. jter42

    Just letting everyone aware.

    Hey everyone I've been gone for some time as you guys know. Got grounded for like 3 weeks so haven't been able to check Adisc lately. Also I got 2 new editions to my stash! I got myself a paci and my very one bottle! I know I don't like pacis because I'm more of a thumb sucker but, the more I...