1. PNW509Little

    Birthday Spankings

    Since I have only really embraced and acknowledged my AB side for about the last year, this is my first birthday that I am doing where that side is a part of that. Today I found myself wanting my wife to do birthday spankings with me in little space. I haven't verbalized this wish to her yet...
  2. Mariofan64

    Birthday ideas

    So... me and mommy are going to be together alone for my birthday and I was wondering besides a cake, a bib, eating with my hands, a diaper, a onesie and a silly hat.. What else would be some good ideas for us to do on that day?? Thanks! Mommy is pretty much open to any idea.
  3. KittyninjaW

    Today's my birthday!

    I am 23 today, It's hard to believe. Anyway, I am excited for my birthday because I am going out to eat at a place we like to go to today.
  4. Premetheus

    It's my 20th birthday today!

    Not really much else to say, but I am no longer a teenager I suppose. I feel old... I know, I know I'm young but it doesn't help the feeling that in 5 years I'll be a quarter of a century old :0
  5. silentdreamer1996

    Today's the day! (Birthday)

    After yet another year of waiting, my birthday has arrived. This year, although I am turning 20, I am also "turning 2" as the guys in teamspeak joke about. I can't wait to spend time with my parents, sisters, and their fiancees. Also in other news, tonight is the night I am telling my mom about...
  6. Talleo

    Perfect Day

    It's my birthday tomorrow and it got me thinking as I'm celebrating an adult and then going to be going to visit my daddy to celebrate a more... age appropriate birthday (his words to describe it hehe) but it got my thinking on what would be your prefect birthday? would you split it into two...
  7. FievelandTonyAB93

    I'm afraid I cannot spend my birthday in diapers or even babyish clothing.

    My birthday is coming up this Saturday and I'm already finishing off my first semester in college. So that means I cannot rely on getting more diapers and/or even buy babyish clothing like a pair of footed pajamas or a pacifier until sometime after my birthday. I just don't have enough time for...
  8. Sitherus

    no longer teen baby

    as of November, 1st 2012 i am now 20 years old, when i was 18 i was told i was an adult but i still felt like a kid i was a teen 8 (TEEN) 9(teen) but, 20? i feel like i can go on to be a teen for as long as I'm one at heart like a kid or until I'm 21 but i don't know i am wondering what age is...
  9. Wheatley

    I would like to thank...

    Moo and the ADISC staff for wishing me a happy birthday. With a smiley face. I know it's an automated site message and not some nice card with heartfelt confessions of how I matter to them and how they care about me, combined with a convenient giftcard or money, but geez. I honestly didn't...
  10. SuperSecretFoxy

    Birthday soon!! ^^

    Soon it will be my birthday. It's the first time I really can't wait for my presents a friend of mine knows I'm a furry and bought me something that is related to the fandom!! I sooooooo wanna know what she's gonna give me!!! Can't wait!!!!!!
  11. RalieghFhang

    Contemplation... (Need Advice) Raves and Diapers.

    So... Tomorrow is my 18th birthday and second ever rave. I plan on being on ecstacy and am contemplating whether or not I should go padded. I have plenty of diapers, so I'm not worried about that. Pros: Comfortable when chilling Ease of use Cute looking, (Bambino) Possible topic starter with...