1. ABCelaenasWorld

    Tired but don’t care

    I literally woke up with no feeling in my body this morning which means today is going to be interesting, I work at 4 but I might go in early just to work longer 😩 but I need the 💸😂
  2. SimCo

    Mental illness and my abdl side

    For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with long periods of depression that started for no apparent reason and seemed I last forever. Also from as long as I can remember from my very earliest memories, I have harbored a secret and recurring desire to be diapered. Both of these facts are...
  3. kik91

    Of Deviant Hearts - Finished (Critics Wanted!)

    Hello everybody. I hope you're all having a great magnificent and prosperous day! I'm writing this because I trust all of you. Trust is not earned easily, but... I've been in the ADISC community for a while, so I'm hoping you understand where I'm coming from. I self-published this small novella...