1. M

    Finished The Swarm (Chapter 1)

    The Swarm Ch. 1 Ally pressed her ear against the door. She could still hear them, wizzing around desperately searching for their victims. She had avoided them this time, somehow. Feeling satisfied with her escape, she tip-toed across the creaky wooden floor, careful to avoid any nails or...
  2. BabyKai

    What do you think about pacifiers/dummy's?

    I love pacifiers but that's mainly because I've used them all my life. Couldn't be weaned off them and my parents ended up letting me carry on using them. I'm now 19 and walk around the whole house with about 5 at all times. One in my mouth and four to hold, play with and touch (I have sensory...
  3. neonnoodle

    Has anyone tried these? They look great. A little pricy, but a larger version of the Mam shield so many of us love.
  4. FievelandTonyAB93

    My first pacifier

    I've just received a nuk6 pacifier from on Ebay. It has a red shield with a grey and clear nipple. I am sucking on it right now and I felt so comfortable and happy with that thing that I'd like to suck on it all day and night. :paci::paci: I like to thank BabyPants for my very...
  5. neonnoodle

    Discontinued Pacifiers

    It's always been hard to find baby pacifiers that fit an adult mouth, but to my surprise the new Avent Advanced 6-18m pacifiers are just the thing. They have a large shield with a winged orthodontic nipple that feels huge in the mouth. They're not super babyish, for us non-ABs out there, but...
  6. bvb123

    Pacifier Fetish

    Hello everybody! :D I've decided to create this thread because I've been on this site for almost 3 years and I've never actually told my story about how it all began to everyone, so without further ado I'd love to share my experience with you all :) So ever since I was little I've always had...
  7. Ranthor

    Pacifiers (Binkies) and TMJ

    I would just like to take a moment of your time to ask about a condition known as Temporomandibular Disorders (TMD). This is also frequently called TMJ. For the remainder of this post, I will use TMJ. For those who do not know what this is, you can find some information at WebMD, or the...
  8. EJay

    My first NUK 5!

    So the other day I was looking on ebay for pacifiers for my 10 week old baby girl and actually came across an ad for an all pink (my FAVORITE color!) NUK 5 paci for "big babies." I showed the hubby and let him know how much I would like to try the NUK 5 and he said "I'll think about it." Well...
  9. L

    Inner-child or PacifiersRus?

    Hi! Soo I'm thinking of buying either a nuk 5 or a nuk 4 (probably 4 cuz my mouth is kinda small) and I have some questions. Though my mouth is on the small side, which size should I get? I don't wanna waste money on a nuk 4 only for it to be too small but I have a nuk 3 (with rhinestones on...
  10. TraumaChick

    Being bad :)

    So today I indulged my adult toddler side and my girlfriend at the same time by wearing a diaper last night and continuing it into today when we went out. I wet myself silly but I had never really messed. The first attempt at messing didn't work as I didn't have to go but she had rooted me on...
  11. Binky

    Name of your Pacifier

    What do you call you pacifier? When we were little my dad always called them nuki, and mom called it a plug. A friend from work said her kids called it a bopper. I dunno if it was just the area we live in now, but the most common name is Binky. It is just interesting that there are so many...
  12. MarqueeMoon

    Absolutley Adorable

    I've watched this clip way too many times. Did any Brits catch this when it aired? EDIT: This might not be the correct sub-forum for this thread, so feel free to move it.
  13. L

    my first time with a binky.

    happy halloween, everyone. Today, my boyfriend presented me with my first pacifier- two, actually. Toddlersized with colored mouthguards. The type with the flattened nipple, rather than round. I just put it in my mouth for the first time, and m, is it comforting! Never expected it to feel this...
  14. Takkun

    Questing about "whistling" Nuk 5?

    So I was on the pacifiersrus site looking at the modded Nuk 5s. I came across this in the description "You can even hear the whistle sound of air when you squeeze the tip end of the nipple through the guard of the pacifier." Now my first thoughts were, why would you want that? Is that something...