binge/purge cycle

  1. B

    Why I think I wear, Why I wish I didn't, and How I plan to quit

    I need to preface this entry with the message that I know a lot of this might come across as insulting to the choices or desires of many people on here, but it is only my own personal desires, thoughts, and feelings that are being presented. I hold nothing against anyone else and I do not judge...
  2. LilRetroBoy

    adult baby the bad and confusing

    i just posted a blog post explaining in depth my current feelings and it would help me out alot if you guys cold take a look at it and leave me some helpful comments on the blog post thanks
  3. B

    Let me tell you about my trip.

    So over the weekend I decided I was over my purge cycle and that I needed some proper diapers to wear. This is of course difficult because I still live with my family and I've been caught before lol. (funny now, not then) So I was driving to CVS and finally got up the courage to go in and I'm...
  4. W

    Short time lurker - long time DL

    I've been poking around for some time now and decided to let you get to know me a little better. I've got some DL experiences I'd like to share but for now I'd like to say I appreciate the open friendly environment you have created here on the internet. Interests: I basically like to take...
  5. baby_mike

    I think its fadeing

    I think my lovee to wear diapers is fadeing away. For some reason there is no fun in wearing diaper now.