1. ESPF

    Thanks for the add :)

    Hello my "name" is ESPF At least for now :) Ummm. What to say about myself? I'm an Over-The-Hill transwoman, and a lesbian. (22 years on HRT now and living full time as myself.) I know a LOT of transwomen say they are lesbian when they first come out and start transition... And after a couple...
  2. Tuples

    Any avid road bikers or bikers in general?

    Hey there, I was just wondering how many of our members are into biking and/or bike mechanics. I know that AlexFox is into it but I really haven't heard of anybody else. Myself, I road bike, race, mountain bike, play bike polo (a bit), tour and commute. I have 4 bikes in total and a full...
  3. B

    Introductory posting

    Hey, y'all. I joined to be a little more open about my DL interest, so here I am. Like lots of you, I do not revolve everything around diaper interests - I do play a host of musical instruments - but not f'n instruments like some on this site. And like the name says, I DO ride the bike...