1. Foxfan1992

    Friendly's New Friend - by Foxfan1992

    I've posted this story to many furry websites including FA, Weasyl and SoFurry and now I'm posting it here for you all to enjoy. It's the story of how my fursona meets his best friend, a young raccoon named Timothy. I would like some general feedback and I'll post more chapters as I go along...
  2. JoeyFrancis

    A Diapered Bicycle Ride

    Lately, since the beginning of Summer I have been in a mood to ride my bicycle while diapered. I live in a nice area of Milwaukee (Bayview) where a bunch of park's reside and it takes just a few minutes to get to Lake Michegan. This past Tuesday after I got home from work I immediately got...
  3. Tuples

    Any avid road bikers or bikers in general?

    Hey there, I was just wondering how many of our members are into biking and/or bike mechanics. I know that AlexFox is into it but I really haven't heard of anybody else. Myself, I road bike, race, mountain bike, play bike polo (a bit), tour and commute. I have 4 bikes in total and a full...