big bro

  1. E

    A big bro in need of guidance.

    Hello to all the big bros and sisters, daddies and mommies, little bros and sisters and babies reading this. As you might have guessed, I need a bit of help. I have recently gotten back into this AB/DL thing (2 months ago). It's all super new when it comes to the AB side of things, but I'm...
  2. barrythebumblebee

    A video that makes you feel litte all over again

    Hey guys I found this awesome video on youtube and I wanted o share it with you bez I was so cool!!!!! Anyways I hope you enjoy it and please leave a reply! I love hearing from all of you:grouphug: ttyl
  3. Fenrierlilfolf

    big bro's visit

    My big brother (babyfur big bro, not real brother although I love him like one) told me today that he is gonna visit me after all, in a couple of months x3 There are so many things I wanna do with him, that I am probably not gonna be able to do them all XD the thing is, I am equally as excited...
  4. C

    A Nice Midwestern Diaper Boy in Chicago With Big Bro/Daddy Tendencies :)

    Hey everyone! I don't know why I haven't registered and been active on this site before. I've been a member of several other online diaper communities for several years. I am a nice Midwestern boy who travels to both coasts with some regular frequency. I've been wearing since I was 15 and have...
  5. L

    wearing just diaper and shirt to the mall

    ok, i was talking to a friend who is a AB/DL he is my big bro, i asked him what would happen if my diaper would leak and my pants get wet at the mall, he told me he would go and change me and let my in just a cushies diaper and a shirt and walk around the mall in just that, but i dnt know if...
  6. LittleDan

    First time meeting a daddy/mummy/big bro

    Well, this Friday I shall be making my first ever journey(4.5hrs) to meet my daddy (and another AB), since I really discovered my AB side back in February. So, I shall be spending 2 nights/3 days as a baby being cared for by someone else. Now at the moment I've got a mixture of extreme...