1. fixedpuppy

    Calling all bicyclists

    Arf! Hi everyone! I've been a passionate cyclist all my life and would love to meet others here who like to ride. If you're a cyclist and a DL and want to ride padded but want some advice I might be able to help. Here's a pic of my rig, steel stallion, a '96 Trek 820.
  2. JoeyFrancis

    A Diapered Bicycle Ride

    Lately, since the beginning of Summer I have been in a mood to ride my bicycle while diapered. I live in a nice area of Milwaukee (Bayview) where a bunch of park's reside and it takes just a few minutes to get to Lake Michegan. This past Tuesday after I got home from work I immediately got...
  3. S

    Bicycle + diaper + just a little dash of rain..

    I only dress up occasionally just for fun, and I'd never dare go out in public, not even for a drive at night.. but then I had an idea. I am planning for a warm-but-showery day during the Summer so I can wear one of these. A poncho style rain cape: I can go out in nothing but a sissy...
  4. N

    Hi there

    Hi! My name i nosense, was going to call myself noNsense, but that was taken. I'm a Norwegian diaper lover. Right now I'm wearing a Abena Abri-Form M4. I think you get a bit tired of just diaper-talk, so I can tell you things about me that is not diaper related! :-) I'm 20-25 years old, live...
  5. Tuples

    Any avid road bikers or bikers in general?

    Hey there, I was just wondering how many of our members are into biking and/or bike mechanics. I know that AlexFox is into it but I really haven't heard of anybody else. Myself, I road bike, race, mountain bike, play bike polo (a bit), tour and commute. I have 4 bikes in total and a full...