1. perlFerret

    Quick advice: 4 hour plane trip, Dry 24/7 or Bellissimo?

    I'm going to be taking a 4 hour plane ride in a week. I have a choice between Dry 24/7 and Bambino Bellissimo. I intend to change right before and right after the flight. So taking into account all the factors (not just absorbency but also swelling, structural integrity after 4 hours of...
  2. KatelynG

    Bambino Diapers Side-by-Side Review

    Bambino Diapers offers four different types of diapers targeted towards AB/DLs - the Bianco, Classico, Teddy, and the Bellissimo. These diapers are quite similar in a number of ways but also have some notable differences. Since reviewing each separately would mean repeating myself a lot, I...
  3. kashi

    Bambino Bellissimo fit

    So I've got a question coming from a bias. Firstly let me say I love Dry 24/7's they fit perfectly snug and I prefer this fit. I have only tried Bambino Bellissimo once and that was during the upside down tape run they had. It was inexpensive and I was curious. I enjoyed their bulk and softness...
  4. SillySwampert

    Which Bambino?

    With an upcoming time where I will have the house free to myself, I have decided to set about purchasing some AB diapers. Thankfully, I came across this shop called TottyBots which supplies Bambino diapers in Australia! Considering all the praise surrounding Bambino for their quality of AB...
  5. DLMunky

    Bambinos are back!

    Bellissimos & teddies are back in stock in med. & lrg. sizes