1. RubberJin

    Any stores in Belgium / Brugge or on route?

    It looks like I'm going to be going from the UK to Bruges soon (via Calais), I was wondering if there are any good stores (ABDL, or general kink) worth checking out along the way? Failing that I'll just have to drink plenty of beer and bring a load back while we still can!
  2. F

    Diapers in Brussels

    Hello, I have just recently moved to Brussels. I am looking for a place to buy diapers ( that tape shut not pull ups ) wether it be Tena Slips or Molicare I do not care. I just want something that I can wear around the house in comfort and relax. I have tried to pharmacies in the Flagey area and...
  3. Z

    buying diapers in Belgium - Flanders

    Hello, I use Tena or Euron (thuiszorgwinkel). I would like to try other brands. Where do the sell in belgium the next brands (not online but a shop): - Abri-Form Extra Plus, Medium - MoliCare Super Plus, Medium - Attends Slip Regular Plus Special Care ,medium - Kolibri Comslip Special, Medium...