1. LimeBloodedNoir

    Baby behaviors out of headspace???

    BABY BEHAVIORS OUT OF HEADSPACE??? Do you guys have any babyish tendencies outside of headspace? For example, when I am woken up early and im in a cranky mood, I cry myself back to sleep. It tires me back out. Since I have autistic ticcs, I also sometimes flap my hands when im angery or...
  2. Rattie

    Do's and dont's: guidelines on fursuiting etiquette

    Newcomers like me, may wonder what's the best way to act while fursuiting. I tried to condense the do's and dont's of this thread, which is the basis of this guide. General suiting: Do: Have a handler. This is a person that can help you in times of need. A handler is your eyes, ears, guide...