1. crinklybabypants

    Diapering and Older Bedwetters

    Hello, this is a question for childhood bedwetters (particularly older). If your caregiver changed your diapers, do you remember anything of what was said to you while they were changing you? Did they check your diaper, or ask you if you were wet, etc. If you managed it yourself, did they say...
  2. C

    Start bedwetting a diaper

    I’ve only recently got into wetting Tena super diapers and I find it pretty easy to let go and pee into the diaper but I’d really like to have the ability to go to sleep dry and wake up wet or while wetting. Does anyone know any methods or techniques on how to force it or influence it.
  3. californiaabdl

    Should I try to wear diapers 24/7?

    Hi, I've been off to college for the past 1.5 years but now I'm back living at home because I'm going to a local community college instead. So, I'll be back living at home like my high school and middle school years. I'll be taking a few online classes and the rest will be on campus. And since...
  4. Pokogirl

    Diapers in the Mountains

    So, I'm currently on vacation in the mountains. I'm here alone with a tour group. Going to stay here for a couple of weeks. The views are astonishing. But the roads are long & bumpy. Good thing I packed some diapers with me. I decided not to wet them but wear them all the time. I would only...
  5. sallyanne

    ABDL Surveys

    Hi everyone! Just thought you might like to be a part of a very large survey into ABDL issues. there are 6 different ones to choose from and you can get the results too, if you want. :)
  6. M

    Trained Incontinence/Bedwetting Question

    I was curious, so I really enjoy wearing 24/7. It's been like over a month on my third time wearing 24/7 for longer than a month or two. I used to have myself trained to wet in my sleep, but had to stop due to something else (I stopped wearing at night, but could do it every other day almost.)...
  7. sallyanne

    Incontinence because of ABDL?

    Hi everyone. I have always wet the bed and in fact, never had a single dry night. Daytimes were dreadfully slow to achieve daytime control leading to being the lat kid out of nappies among my peers by a long way. By 16 I was effectively back in them again. While it is true that my incontinence...
  8. Pika123

    Bed wetting

    Before you say anything, the most recent thread on bed wetting was 2014 and was expired (as far as I can find). So I decided to start a new one :smile: So last night I went over to a mate’s house (let’s call him Mark, which is not his real name) to watch a soccor/football game which because of...
  9. P

    Start Bedwetting

    Anyone had any experience with the bedwetting process at ?
  10. razor

    Bedwetting without a diaper

    i started to pee myself and wet my bed on purpose when i was 12, but i could not buy diapers and had not much space to hid them, so for many years i simply had very pleasurable "accidents" of course i love diapers, but from time to time i still like to wet my bed before and after sleeping...
  11. Pokogirl

    Help Me Choose a Bedwetting Diaper

    So, I tried wearing Mamy Poko Pants XXXL for bedwetting & it worked quite well. No leaks. Comfortable & sound sleep. I didn't have to wake up at the middle of the night to change. It held my full night's wetting perfectly. But it's very rare to find the xxxl size & I only have 2 more left...
  12. Pokogirl

    Mamy Poko Pants XXXL Experience (Temporary Bedwetting Solution for Me)

    So, I finally tried wetting the Legendary Asian Baby Diaper & it was Awesome. This is not a review but I'll state my experience with the diaper. I have a 26 inch waist. So, the XXL size was already a good fit for me. But it wasn't absorbant enough for a full night wetting. And I used to leak...
  13. BabyDL44

    Why am I wetting the bed again?

    For the last week I have had to wear diapers while sleeping. It all started with wetting the bed last Tuesday. Now every morning I wake up with wet diapers. Any ideas what could bring this on? I haven't wet the bed since I was 15.
  14. L

    Another bedwetting mishap?

    Hey everyone! It's Aubrey. I posted yesterday about the weird occurance that my gf ran into with her sudden bedwetting habit, which led me to do further research on what could have happened and cases similar to it. One of the ones I'm sure we all (or a good few of us had) experienced at sleep...
  15. L

    GF bedwetting occurance

    So my gf never wet the bed, not since she was still in diapers (she was last in them just after she turned two). However she spent a week at her grandparents cabin a few months ago and one of her cousins drizzled water around her lower area, as if she had peed herself in her sleep... nightly...
  16. Pokogirl

    24/7 Essentials

    So, I'm finally done with the long moving process. And am finally back in diapers. I want to start going 24/7 for real this time. I had to throw away all my previous stash during the move. I have saved a decent amount of money. I already bought some diapers. Will buy some more tomorrow. As I...
  17. Pokogirl

    Bought The Biggest Baby Diaper (Mamy Poko Pants XXXL)

    After searching numerous baby shops & shopping malls I finally found the legendary diaper. Mamy Poko pants XXXL. When I saw it, I didn't hesitate a moment to buy it. The diaper is quite big and can stretch a lot. It could easily fit people having...
  18. E

    Setting up my bed for unlimited wettings (Are these products a good start?)

    If you don't know about my previous posts. But encase you don't let me explain. Last time I tried to improve diaper leaking while in bed. But I just wet to much. I usually wet the bed at least twice per week. Up to five times some weeks. But I wet as many times as I need during the night. And in...
  19. Pokogirl

    Anyone tried Huggies Wonder Pants??

    I have a 26 inch waist. And I'm thinking of getting these : What's your opinion about them? Will they fit me? Are they discreet enough for public wearing? What's the result in case of performance? I have been mainly wearing Mamy Poko Pants size XXL. They fit me quite well. They are...
  20. 89169532146

    Hello from Moscow

    Hi, I'm new here. Sorry for my poor English, I have too few practice. My name is Max, I'm a 35yo guy from Moscow, Russia. I'm not into ABDL things, but since I'm a lifelong bedwetter I hope to get some useful information here.