bedwetting diaper

  1. crinklybabyblue

    Using just Underpads for Bedwetting (Naked, no Diaper)

    I have always loved to wear and wet diapers in bed. Recently I got a sample of Northshore MagicSorb Underpads, extra long. I put it on the bed and got in naked and went pee all over the bed. It kept the bed dry but I felt like I was covered in pee, which I absolutely loved. I started calling...
  2. Bedwetting boyfriend

    Bedwetting boyfriend

    Cute boyfriend has to wear diapers
  3. Pika123

    Bed wetting

    Before you say anything, the most recent thread on bed wetting was 2014 and was expired (as far as I can find). So I decided to start a new one :smile: So last night I went over to a mate’s house (let’s call him Mark, which is not his real name) to watch a soccor/football game which because of...
  4. Pokogirl

    Help Me Choose a Bedwetting Diaper

    So, I tried wearing Mamy Poko Pants XXXL for bedwetting & it worked quite well. No leaks. Comfortable & sound sleep. I didn't have to wake up at the middle of the night to change. It held my full night's wetting perfectly. But it's very rare to find the xxxl size & I only have 2 more left...
  5. Pokogirl

    Mamy Poko Pants XXXL Experience (Temporary Bedwetting Solution for Me)

    So, I finally tried wetting the Legendary Asian Baby Diaper & it was Awesome. This is not a review but I'll state my experience with the diaper. I have a 26 inch waist. So, the XXL size was already a good fit for me. But it wasn't absorbant enough for a full night wetting. And I used to leak...