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  1. Pika123

    Bed wetting

    Before you say anything, the most recent thread on bed wetting was 2014 and was expired (as far as I can find). So I decided to start a new one :smile: So last night I went over to a mate’s house (let’s call him Mark, which is not his real name) to watch a soccor/football game which because of...
  2. M

    Summer Nurse

    In the fall, I'm starting my first year of medical school. I've dreamed of being a pediatrician since I was a little girl and I'm getting ready to make that dream come true. I got great grades in school and had a "full ride" so my mom and dad said they could pay for me to go to one of the best...
  3. C


    Hi, My name is Justin but usualy known on other sites as wetone. I am a DL / Daddy and have been wearing off and on since I was about 12yo. WHile diapers are my main fetish, I also have a fetish for underwear and pants wetting. I often wear diapers for 3 - 5 days at a time... even to work (...
  4. D

    Society's expectations of boys

    I found an article of Goodnites which was intriguing about boys and how sometimes society's expectations tend to cause some problems, particularly if they are known to be a bedwetter. Also points out that boys take longer to overcome bedwetting compared to girls. A Guy?s Guide to Bedwetting ...