1. A

    Supposed I wear a diaper for have autism spectrum disorder? I wear for night time and longest sleep.

    Hi, I’m obsessed about bedwetter. Last year, my bedroom was odors and urine on bed without washing my sheets. Past, I dream became pee it and I ordered some bags of diaper at last September. I wanted goal in future to be participated for ABDL community without alone. I’m happy for now.
  2. XLdiapers

    Biggest baby diapers size 7 anywhere in the world

    These are the biggest size baby diapers I have ever found! They are labeled as fitting children weighing 24-36 kg or 53 to 80 lbs! They are also mentioned to fit kids 6 to 12 years of age! Does anyone know of similar diapers found anywhere in the world right now?
  3. M

    Classifying ourselves

    I'm never quite sure about what category I fit into. With a lot of the categories there is some cross-over. I'm a bed and pants wetter and like but am not exclusively into diapers. So I guess I'm a DL dabbler although not a lifestyle DL guy, although I'm fascinated by the idea of it. I'm not an...
  4. P

    Trying to become a bedwetter

    Hello, Has anyone successfully become a bedwetter? If so please provide any insight you find helpful!!! I am trying to accomplish this without the use of 24/7 wearing. My plan is: >to sleep without going to the bathroom and perhaps drinking around 400-500mL of water before sleep. >as soon...
  5. PampersboyLondon

    Asda Little Angles Size 6+

    I just wanted to say how impressive these are they soak up loads, swell like a classic old school nappy and they are almost design specificly for big kids because the front pattern is so bland... its like the only reason they have is to justify it being a baby nappy. I wish they had put longer...