1. crinklybabyblue

    Using just Underpads for Bedwetting (Naked, no Diaper)

    I have always loved to wear and wet diapers in bed. Recently I got a sample of Northshore MagicSorb Underpads, extra long. I put it on the bed and got in naked and went pee all over the bed. It kept the bed dry but I felt like I was covered in pee, which I absolutely loved. I started calling...
  2. M

    New here

    Hi new here. Bedwetter with occasional daytime accidents. Looking to meet new people. Ask me anything.
  3. Pika123

    Bed wetting

    Before you say anything, the most recent thread on bed wetting was 2014 and was expired (as far as I can find). So I decided to start a new one :smile: So last night I went over to a mate’s house (let’s call him Mark, which is not his real name) to watch a soccor/football game which because of...
  4. R


    Im looking for a diaper with higher absorbency then a belted shield. As a bedwetter I need a diaper with faster and higher absorbency but it needs to be store bought. Does anyone have a good idea on how Depends work, would overnight pads work, or would Goodnites work (Which I Still Fit In)...
  5. R

    Damp Underwear

    Ill start rhis off by saying I used to wet the bed on occasion but that was years ago. Lately though ive been waking up to very damp underwear and it seems to get worse every night. Does any one know what it is or what to do. Thanks in Advance!
  6. Hotcocoman07

    Hot! Hot! Hot! Hot chocolate!

    OH I'VE GOT IT! Yeah so I really like hot coco(and The Polar Express) Hi I'm Hotcocoman07 I'm a gay male and an ABDL with a genetic bedwetting problem(probably what got me into this group). I'm a little nervous when it comes to meeting ABDL+ people, but I joined this site to meet others like me...
  7. XLdiapers

    Huge size baby diapers size 7!

    These are huge size 7 Diapers. Tried them and they are the biggest I have ever found anywhere in the world! Love the cute packaging as well. A nice find for my collection. I collect vintage and modern baby diapers in extra large sizes. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. I know how...
  8. T


    I am new to forums and just learning how to use them. My age play age is in between 8 and 12. In my fantasy, I am a bedwetter with a very weak bladder, and I have accidents during the day. I am still trying to accept my age play interest because it is different from what I have been told to be...
  9. XLdiapers

    New size 7 diapers?

    Has anyone seen these new Darlings size 7 diapers? Has anyone tried them? They are rated at 24-36kg and look very big as compared to the Pampers size 7.
  10. A

    Good to see so many people here

    Hi, I am Adam and I’ve just joined. I am UK guy of 30. I have had bedwetting problems for a lot of my life. I wet regularly until my mid teens and then after a dry period it came back a few years ago. I am now back to pretty much every night. Not had a great deal of luck with medical...
  11. Mickeymic

    Hey Y'all

    I am a 50 year old veteran with a 3 year old soul from Louisiana. Most of the time I enjoy being an adult, but occasionally I like to share a toddler experience with a friend. I like cooking and eating fine Cajun food. My Maw-Maw taught me how to cook. And, My Paw-Paw taught me how to hunt...
  12. crowza

    I told my friend and learned she also is incontinent.

    I have a good friend who always posts on Facebook about crohn's disease and advocates for those dealing with it, this friend also has crohn's. I decided to message her and tell how how great of posts and information she is posting and how I love learning about conditions and how I empathize...
  13. Firehawk

    Hello from Australia

    Hello everyone. I'm a male DL who is is incontent mostly at night but it has been working it's way into my daytime life recently. I wet the bed until I was 15 and with the help of medication it stopped. I had breife periods of incontene when I was 21 and 27. When I was 38 it started again...
  14. D

    The Diaper Dynamo

    Hello Everyone! My name is Marc. Some of you may already know me as The Diaper Dynamo from YouTube. I thought it was about time I joined this community and took a peak at what it's all about. I've read the posts here and there while doing research for years but have never actively participated...
  15. HunterGreen2

    Hi, mature, life long, diapered sleep wetter, adult baby and now adult boy.

    I am retired and single. Only a few friends know I need to wear diapers to bed and I also use a pacifier and wear a onesie. I think it would be nice to get to know how others deal with the whole thing and problems to avoid. I have learned that I need to be responsible for as much of the work...
  16. SleepySoaker

    A rude yet pleasantly unexpected awakening

    So last night I decided to have a bit of fun and get drunk while playing video games with my friends. When I decided to go to sleep, I put a diaper on (Abena M4) as I tend to wet in my sleep when I drink (I've been a bedwetter my whole life and will wet when sober if I don't pee before bed) I...
  17. E

    Raquel's Only Wish — 2nd Edition

    Hi everyone! :) Like I posted in the original thread, I think it's time for me to go back and revise the earlier chapters of this story before moving forward. And since this forum doesn't allow editing of the original chapters, this seemed like the best way to do it. For new readers: This...