1. L

    Another bedwetting mishap?

    Hey everyone! It's Aubrey. I posted yesterday about the weird occurance that my gf ran into with her sudden bedwetting habit, which led me to do further research on what could have happened and cases similar to it. One of the ones I'm sure we all (or a good few of us had) experienced at sleep...
  2. Firehawk

    Added Protection

    Well I finally got a duvet cover and I must say it makes me feel a little more comfortable knowing that if I do have a leak which happens more often than not that I want have to wash the duvet. It is a little noisy to sleep under though but I'm sure I'll get used to that.
  3. Allegro

    Which Stuffed Animal Should I Sleep With?

    I have a sock monkey and a cat. I can't decide which one I should sleep with. What do you think?
  4. Angellothefox

    What do you do to protect your bed matres at night?

    I am asking loads of questions tonight. This one is a little personal. When you go to bed with a nappy on obviously :laugh: your not going to bed and then wetting a mattress. My question is what do you do to procect your bed matres at night? You will have a nappy on but supose you want to wet...
  5. D

    Happy to be back in my nappies

    Hi all I took a break for a few weeks from wearing nappies. Even at night and I soooo love wearing at night. I think I just didn't feel the need for my nappies. But now I'm back and sooo happy. I even made myself a onsie. When I went to the chemist to get a new supply of nappies I found that...
  6. Cthulhu

    Leaking while laying on my back (male)

    I slept (or at least tried to) in diapers for the first time a couple days ago:) Even though it was pointing straight down, some of the pee went up and down the sides of the diaper (at the wings(?)) and then out the back, if i wet fast enough. Luckily i had a pad under the sheet. I've...
  7. Shyanne

    Crib plans/designs?

    Does anyone have any like blueprints/designs/plans on how to build a adult sized crib/bed? Or if not, maybe post pics of your cribs if you have any..
  8. pullupjoys

    Finally! Relaxed bedtime wetting

    It might be a small success but for me after a year, it was a most blessed event! As mentioned in another post I always lay out a lovely changing pad onto top of my bedding before crawling in for the night. And with wearing a ladies pullup up with a soft thick pad inside and then slipping on...
  9. Shyanne

    Bed Rails

    So I recently got some bed rails for my bed, since I can't really afford anything like a crib yet and don't like with a mommy or daddy..this is all I can do until then. It's silly but I do feel more secure and safe with them up. But I have noticed something..ever since I got them (about a week)...
  10. MellowYellow

    I want to start peeing in my diaper while I sleep :D

    Would really be helpful if anyone had any information that I could use to achieve this. I'm afraid of hypno-files (like "Warpmymind") they claim to be curses (the majority) that the people who are then cursed have to pay for the removal of the curse, sounds like some serious shit, I don't want...
  11. sah69

    Finally wet and messed the bed!!!

    I drank tons of water and a melatonin and I held in my mess all day, finally I unconciously messed and wet my diaper to the brim while asleep. Has anyone else ever acheived/tried this? Sorry if this is a bad post, I'm new
  12. RoamingHermit

    A Recipe To Help You Sleep

    Some nights I have trouble sleeping. When this does happen I have a recipe that I find almost always works! NukJams Warm Vanilla Nights In a bottle/sippy cup/glass of choice, put 1 cup of milk. After put in two caps of vanilla extract. Next you put in 2 teaspoons of sugar/sweetener (optional)...
  13. jter42

    Tips to cut down on wet nights, and leaks.

    Hey I just wanted to ask, Anybody know any tricks to cut down on the number of wet nights you have? I'm really trying to start becoming more proactive at ending my bed-wetting problem. It's come back as of a few months ago due to stress, and it's driving me mad. I'm up to about 4/7 wet nights a...
  14. B

    going to bed wearing diapers

    In have now tried a couple of times to wear a diaper to bed but for some reason i find it difficult to have a good nights kip when i do, is it just me or does other people experience this or is it just coincidence?
  15. D

    Help needed please :S

    Hi First off i'm sorry i haven't been posting at all recently life is soo hectic atm, hopefully it'll calm down soon. Anyways I was wondering if anyone could help me. I wear drynites to bed every night yet when i wake up the sides have split. I purchased a pack that did this a while back but...
  16. LittleMiss

    Accidentally wet the bed. Help?

    Ok, so, I was padded and layin in bed and I accidentally leaked really badly out of the front of my diaper and didn't realize it until I got up. So I toweled up as much as I could, sprayed some Lysol on it, and then put down some of that cat litter anti-odor baking soda stuff to try and soak up...
  17. kalynnharvey

    Parents Finding Out

    What are the chances of my parents or siblings walking into my bedroom while im sleeping and finding out that im wearing just a diaper to bed? I wear them to bed just by themselves alot. My house is usually dark and when you look in my room at night. I don't have any lights. Should I continue...
  18. leicesterfan


    Ok, so I just spend my first night in a diaper last night but didn't want to wet it before I went to bed. So I have a few questions for you: 1a) What is it like to sleep in a damp diaper? 1b) What is it like to sleep in a soaked diaper? 2)Is there any way I can get my body to wet the diaper...
  19. Pramrider

    When Do You Sleep Best?

    With me, it varies with the time of the year. In Summer, even though the house has AC, I'm always either too warm or too cold. I spend part of the night on top the covers and part under them. Sometimes one leg is on top and one leg is kidding! In Winter or when the outside temps stay...