bed wetting | doctors

  1. fox2000

    What got you into diapers?

    For me it was being forced to wear diapers up until the age of 13. I wanted an alarm that would sound when I wet, but my mother didn't think it would be fair to my brother (we shared a room) so for his well being I had to wear diapers to bed. Of course I went through puberty while having them...
  2. NarutoChillstep

    Bed Wetting | Doctors

    Iv been wetting the bed off and on since 5-12-2011. I just had my first doctors appointment yesterday about it. Not that hard at all just like a check up.:laugh: Also I'm okay with my bed wetting now. My parents are too ( they buy me Goodnites). My best friend says its no big deal.:D I...