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    Huge size baby diapers size 7!

    These are huge size 7 Diapers. Tried them and they are the biggest I have ever found anywhere in the world! Love the cute packaging as well. A nice find for my collection. I collect vintage and modern baby diapers in extra large sizes. Definitely worth the price in my opinion. I know how...
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    Real bed-wetter or not

    We all know that bed-wetting can occur for a number of reasons. It can happen because of a small bladder, deep sleep that doesn’t wake a person up, too much alcohol, reaction to medication, anxiety, sleep apnea, a lack of the hormone that reduces the production of urine while asleep or...
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    What is yoir biggest baby diaper finds?

    There has always been companies that have experimented with the markets and have introduced either large size 6's, size 7's, and even size 8's in their baby diaper lineups. Most companies that have done this are mostly private label brands. I am assuming they are mostly made for older...