1. LimeBloodedNoir

    Diapered in The Bath Tes

    This is a test on how to see how diapers react to bathtime!!! Test 1 Depends ??/??/2017 Shower test It did fine. The water didn't get in the diaper much at all!!! :D It didn't bust! Although it was quite hot and heavy! Test 2 Depends ??/??/2017 Bathtime Test It was fine and dry. Until...
  2. MatalicPebble

    Baby oil and bath scents

    I am looking into different kinds of soap. Back when I was just beginning to explore my AB sissy side I was dealing with stress and memories from High-school that bothered me even though it had been a couple years since I graduated. (2009) My imaginary realm that I had and still have does help...
  3. Doctorwalrus

    Am I the only one who does this?

    Sometimes I like to take a shower in a diaper and one time I took a bath in a diaper. I also like to stick the faucet in my diaper and fill my diaper with warm water If anyone also does any of these things (or you have other fun things to do with diapers) please say so. - doctorwalrus