1. M

    Unexpected Diaper Find

    I am a realtor and one of my responsibilities as a foreclosure agent is to do valuations on properties with mortgages in default. I did an inspection today on a vacant home where the homeowner moved out over a year ago. As I was walking through the house, which was filled with abandoned junk...
  2. PetPuppyAlex

    Question about purchasing Bambinos for those with Bank of America.

    I've been quite interested in buying diapers online with my new debit card for a while now. The only problem with this is my father can read over my statements. Now, the following is a (heavily censored) screenshot of my online bank statement. Notice the "Midi Cable for Piano" line. I changed...
  3. I

    bank accounts and financial stuff

    Hello ADISC, today I've been researching bank accounts and financial stuff. I'm having problems with my finances because my mom still manages my bank account for me at 20 years old, lol. So now that I'm trying to do it, I'm bewildered by my options. Basically, this all came about because I...