1. W

    Which is the better diaper? (Diaper comparison)

    I've tried the abena M4 i love them, I have just tried the confi dry 24/7's and They are almost better then M4's (i like i poofy and thick the dry 24/7s are) In the future I would like to try an AB/DL diaper soon, bambinos definatly look like they could be in ny near future and so are the Cuddlz...
  2. diprdblonde

    About to purchase Bambino until...

    I was just about to place an order on the Bambino site for their Bianco because of wanting a product that works and doesn't look babyish in case my wife catches me with it on. However, I have read a couple of reviews which mention the tapes not being properly located, not allowing you to get...
  3. Coney

    Bambino's free shipping?

    How long does it take usually? Honestly don't want to dish out the extra 20-200$ to get it here sooner, but it I need it to reach me in Las Vegas before 4/17 when my Dad get's back home.
  4. FievelandTonyAB93

    First time trying out Bambinos

    Now, I currently live in a major university at my state where its mail service has to process any package delivered there before notifying the intended recipient that it's delivered. Last week, I recently decided to buy a sample pack of Classico disposable diapers from Bambinos because...
  5. ks1990


    After 18 months of no diapers, I just ordered a few samples(a few days ago that is) and I'm so excited! I'm a bedwetter(not by choice) and I'm looking forward to not waking up in a puddle! I'm trying the Tranquility ATN briefs and pull-ups and the Tena Stretch Super briefs. I also ordered a...
  6. PetPuppyAlex

    What Counts as 24/7?

    I know, this sounds like a really odd question with a no-brainer answer, but whatever. I want to start wearing 24/7 when my case of Bambinos comes in. The only issue is that I'm still a high school senior. With mandatory gym classes. This is my qualm: There are certain occasions, like gym...
  7. PetPuppyAlex

    Wetting Bambinos while laying down.

    Okay, so basically, my situation is this: Just bought a case of Bambinos on a whim. Usually being the purchaser of Goodnites and other drugstore varieties, I find that wetting while in bed is an easy way to get your mattress wet. Bambinos being notable as a top-of-the-line diaper, my question is...
  8. PetPuppyAlex

    Ordered a case of Bambinos for the first time.

    Lol guize. I have committed to a suicide mission. I've ordered a case of Bambinos with an out of work mother who stays at home most of the day. I didn't realize what a mess this can potentially turn into until way after the fact. Now the case is in processing somewurz and it's too late to turn...
  9. PetPuppyAlex

    Question about purchasing Bambinos for those with Bank of America.

    I've been quite interested in buying diapers online with my new debit card for a while now. The only problem with this is my father can read over my statements. Now, the following is a (heavily censored) screenshot of my online bank statement. Notice the "Midi Cable for Piano" line. I changed...
  10. Piplup

    Bambino in public

    So yesterday I guess I was feeling gutsy because I made the decision to wear one of my Teddy Bambinos out in public. But I can safely say I have no regrets! Being a girl, I wear tight jeans. Fortunately the diaper fit in them, and because of how tight they were, there was no crinkling to be...
  11. Y

    New diaper shippment

    Well it's been a while since my last round of wearing but I've been thinking a lot about it. I tend to go in cycles and might go for more than a year without indulging my fetish. Yes, for me wearing diapers is a sexual fetish. I just love the feeling of a nice snug cloth diaper between my...
  12. N

    Good Birthday

    My birthday is today, and I feel happy that I have some pull ups, some goodnites, some pampers cruisers, some bambinos, and some huggies little santa diapers. This is going to be my best year yet. :smile:
  13. Transponyprincess

    Should I try adult diapers or stick to Goodnites?

    I'm considering giving the adult diapers you can only buy online a try, but I'm a bit concerned about whether or not they will fit. My choice is going to be either Bambinos or ABU Cushies with the most babyish design they offer. I am well aware from having read other threads on here that ABU has...
  14. sillylion

    Hello i am new to this site.

    Hello i wanted to say hy.I am 18 and i am visually impaired.I also got diabetes.I live with my mommy and she is my girl friend too.We met in a park.And i telled her my life storry.She put her arm around me after i telled her.Then we came girl friend and boy friend.I was diagnose with a brain...
  15. Fenrierlilfolf

    Of bambinos and weirdness

    I got my paws on a pair of bambino teddies. They look nice and feel really soft, but I'm kinda hesitant to wear them, it is the first time I have real AB/DL focused diapers, and it just feels a little weird ^^; Has someone else experienced this when changing from adult to ab diapers? What do...
  16. Kyatto

    Expensive! Very Expensive

    I think this thread has been done before, but has been inactive for near a year, so i'll do a new one I just put £20 in to my bank so i could order some diapers, specifically i wanted to get some bambinos- I didnt wanna waste my money just in case i didn't like them, so i went for the sample...
  17. Kari

    Help Me Pick Out Diapers

    I am very lost in the choices now. My last mail order was a mix of Bambino's Classico and Bianco. They are good! I have gone as many as 5 wettings sitting up. All except sometimes a tab will tear of when changing. And I'm looking for a diaper that won't let me wet the bed. Does such a thing...
  18. NikonFilmPhotog

    Proper Fitting Of A Diaper

    I have purchased both medium and large from Bambino and wanted to get an opinion on what size I should order now. I'm a waist size 38 and the mediums fit tight and cut into my legs which is slightly painful in the groin are due to my large butt. When I put the mediums on 1-2 tapes will stretch...
  19. kite

    Rare Bambinos

    just did an ebay search and found these: Rare "CRAZY BAMBINO" Adult bABy Diaper/With bABy Scent! - eBay (item 330240906321 end time Jun-07-08 23:19:16 PDT) are these rare or no? even if they're not at $10 for a pack of 8 seems decent when it comes to bambinos.
  20. doubledbbw


    I just bought my first Bambinos diapers! I cant wait til they get here and I get to wear and wet in them! I will fill you all in on how they do if you would like?:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: