1. MatalicPebble

    Aspects of Purge

    I know this topic has been brought up many times, but not with faith concepts. I really would like to know what people think. Although if Christianity bothers you please feel free to ignore this thread. A lot of Christians like to think you can throw something out if it bothers you. Although...
  2. KittyninjaW

    How do I balance college and private life?

    Hello, everyone, the thing is I get stressed a lot in college and at the end of the day, all I want is just to relax, but sadly I have homework and studying to do, and it stresses me out and I have no time to enjoy anything fun.:( To be honest, This is really hard to think about, because One...
  3. Fascinating

    Introducing a Young Lady

    Greetings everyone. I just joined so my introduction follows. I have always been DL and experimented with different things as a child with my sister involved. Somewhat. It has helped me discover what I like and what I do not. As an adult I have not had any shared experiences. I married...
  4. Huddles

    Finding a balance – advice for this young abdl?

    Heads up, this has some mature stuff in it and you may not want to read it. You have been warned! I feel really caught right now. I’m stuck in a big struggle with my little side – trying to tell him to keep quiet and shut up because big me needs to do things. I’m repressing him – my little –...
  5. squashNstretch

    My start and the binge and purge

    This started out as an idea for an article, but in the end it's more of a forum post I think. It's all about how I started on my way to being an AB/DL, and the binge/ guilty purge cycles throughout my earlier years. How I started out I distinctly remember the very first day I started on my way...