1. L

    Time to come out of wardrobe

    Hi I got the message saying I've been lurking for too long, so now I'm coming out of my hiding place. to start... I don't know exactly how I got to be a DL. From young age I've been experimenting with these feelings, putting on more than one pair of boxers at the same time to get...
  2. EvanNibbler

    Background "Little Space" Activities?

    Looking for some things I can have in the background while I work on some writing that can help me get somewhat into little space. Anyone have music / tv show / etc suggestions?
  3. stonedd

    Hi, I guess it's my time to stop lurking on communities...

    To start off, I'm not quite sure what to say. I've always been a lurker on the Internet except for this one game I used to play when I was younger by the name of Habbo and WoW (I don't play it anymore.) The reason that this is very strange is because I am a person who has strong ideas and...