1. K

    ADISCord's Theme

    I am rarely on this forum. Mainly it's because I am on the Discord for ADISC, which was recently nicknamed ADISCord. However, I've noticed a common theme throughout that has really irked me. It's all Adult-Baby themed. I get it that ADISC is an support group for AB's, but it's also a support...
  2. babied

    Baby Talk - Adult Talk - Baby Talk (over and over)

    Ok this as probably been talked about before but I wanna give my point of view of whats going on. Ok, lately I've been going in and out of baby talk here and there and I'm kind of learning how to talk baby, which is a good thing, but sometimes I can't help it as it just haapens<example. I can't...
  3. B

    hi, i'm baby jimmy

    hi everyone. i decided to check out because it is fun to explore the many facets of the growing ab/dl community. as for me, i've come to understand that being an adult baby is just part of who i am. i've enjoyed ageplay, regression, babytalk, etc. for most of my life. fortunately...