1. R

    An Intriguing Quandary

    Well hello folks. Pleasure to be poking at you guys again! I've got a bit of an interesting problem that I just feel like opening myself up to talking to other people about. I've got this urge lately, this really annoying urge, I feel, to have someone else watch over me for a day, or if not a...
  2. A

    The Mystery of Disposition

    Chapter 1 There's no telling why people are the way they are. Oftentimes parents feel this about their own children whom, despite sharing genes, often seem to be a mystery. And children, while generally loving and admiring their parents, oftentimes swear to never be like them as they mature...
  3. Slycamer

    baby sitting (normal)...

    i put it here instead of off topic since you are teens but i guese moving it wouldn't be bad. ok is baby sitting little kids hard? what are your experiences? and what are good tips? i realy have no clue what to do.