1. B

    Mommy -New to this

    Hello, I'm a recent widow. Well recent to me anyway. Much to my friends and family's unapproval, I mourned my husband for a year. I took a trip with an old friend to formally end my mourinng and start socializing again. It's easier said that done. I still have really bad days. My late husband...
  2. KittyninjaW

    When Deviant Hearts and Free Spirits Meet.

    Okay, so i never really done this before, but I fell, this is the right time so here goes, this is somewhat based on my life, and what I want to happen in it, also considering it's my first AB Story, tell me if I go too far, or about any spelling errors, Well here goes. Chapter 1. The...
  3. M

    Summer Nurse

    In the fall, I'm starting my first year of medical school. I've dreamed of being a pediatrician since I was a little girl and I'm getting ready to make that dream come true. I got great grades in school and had a "full ride" so my mom and dad said they could pay for me to go to one of the best...
  4. PamperedBottom

    Did anyone used to get scared?

    Now, this may too hard to remember for most people but does anyone remember the feeling of being babysat by someone new before they were potty trained and feeling nervous because you knew that person would eventually change your poopy diaper? Or, were you already liking the feeling of diapers at...
  5. D

    Help - Please!!!

    Hi everyone Sorry i have not been posting at all recently, i have been going through a difficult time to say the least tbh. I have gotten stressed and depressed and have been having suicidal thoughts. I am autistic so find it very hard to cope with things and do to sixth form becoming very...
  6. X

    Im back adisc.

    I am not new to adisc, i was a member on this site a few years ago under the username "Stealthcat" during the summer of 2010.. I was very.. Imaginative.. I had been familiar with ad/dl/tbs for about 3 months by this point.. and decided it would be a good idea to tell my mom, i asked the members...
  7. F

    Hello, recent babysitter here.

    Hi all- I'm 20, like art, food, music, and fashion. I'm not an adult baby but have friends who are and I've decided to babysit them and stuff. I've never actually babysat that much so I"m a newbie at this. Other than that glad to meet your acquaintances. Hope to gain more knowledge on here on...
  8. D

    Being Babied

    If i got someone to baby me what things could they do?
  9. bbabysitter26

    I have a momy, but do I stay with her?

    In March of 2010 I met a girl 8 years older than me (I was 22 and she was 30). We met because we just happened to be renting rooms from the same guy. She was immediately attracted to me and we eventually hit it off. We were together for almost a year. I told her everything about me. All of...
  10. D

    Hello from Switzerland!

    Hello, I'm Jo from Switzerland. I'm not wearing diapers, but I'm a babysitter. I'm a new babysitter, with short experience, but I really like it! I seen that there is some French speaker here, then: "Bonjour à tous!" Sincerely, Daddy Jo