1. Carboi

    Babykins Cloth Diapers and Doublers

    I recently bought a Babykins cloth diaper (the 11500) and I was wondering if anyone had any insight on whether it is necessary to use the doublers they sell in order to get the necessary capacity. Can anyone tell me what kind of volume they can handle out of the box, as it were? And further can...
  2. C

    Babykins Cloth Diaper Arrival

    Ok I just recieved the Thick Adult Cloth Diaper, Adult Cloth Diaper, DPF - Babykins & Kins ProductsAdult Cloth Diaper With Extra Padding. I had originally hoped that someone on ADISC at some point in time wouldve reviewed these but no one did so I had to take a risk and hope for the best. I...
  3. mrtowtruck76

    Leaky cloth diapers

    Well I recently got some cloth diapers from babykins and I chose to wear one to work today and I had leakage issues so I will explain what I wore and maybe some of the more experienced cloth diaper-ers will be able to lend a helpful suggestion. So today I wore the hook and loop velcro diaper...