babyfurs greeting

  1. L

    Hi everyone

    Hi my name is Solvena but you can call me Sage or Lilly I am a babyfur and have 2 fursonas one of which is a little the other is a close represantation of me my main fursona Solvena who is a Valkyrie Kitsune my second is a lion cub I am female by birth but tend to float in the middle of male and...
  2. edgyfox

    Your baby fur side?

    I'm fairly new to here still getting the hang of things. But been an experimental babyfur since 2011 and more so online then real life. But I'm wanting to bring my baby fox side out more into the real world. Unfortunately if I take it out of my home I have to hide that side of me due to my...
  3. Keenan


    Hello everyone. I go by Keenan online, at least in the realm of AB/DL and Furries. I'm 29 years old, and I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. A little about me... I've been a diaper lover for most of my life. It took some work, but I can recall the events that likely lead to it as well. I...