baby toys

  1. Ian16545

    More time alone = more diapers for me!

    Well, it's that time again—my parents left me in charge of the house to go another river cruise, this time to the Riviera between France and Italy. And you know that means: I get to wear diapers again! This time, I ordered three 2-packs of DC Idyl off of Amazon (which came this morning). And...
  2. Piplup

    Baby Toy Suggestions

    Hi everyone! So I'm super excited for Friday because Daddy and I are going to the mall, and at the mall there's a really cool toy store. Last night he told me over video chat that he's going to let me pick out a baby toy from the store, and I know there's a lot to choose from! I'm wondering if...
  3. Pramrider

    Are You a Baby/Children's Items Collector?

    Haven't seen a thread based on our collections in recent memory - nothing open showed up in a search. Do you collect anything at all used by children in the baby-to-early-school age range? Doesn't have to be a large amount of things you've accumulated. Just a few select items of a certain type...